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Megger CM400 MFT for hire

Megger CM400 MFT available for hire from Test Equipment Hire

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Megger CM400 Installation Tester

Megger CM 400 available for hire from Test Equipment HireThe MEGGER CM400 Combined Installation Tester is a compact instrument which combines all the functions required to fully test domestic, commercial and industrial wiring. Featuring a large, clear, liquid crystal display to provide digital readings, with an analogue display of insulation and continuity measurement. Autoranging on all tests, the instrument is easy to operate. The CM 400 may be used on all internal wiring systems, single phase or three phase, Installation Category III, with rated voltages up to 300 V a.c. rms to earth.

Megger CM400 Features:

  • Tests standard, DC and selective RCDs.
  • Continuity tests with 200 mA short circuit capability.
  • Insulation tests at: 250V, 500V, 1000V into 1 mA load.
  • Phase-Phase, Phase-Neutral, Phase-Earth Loop Tests.
  • High current Loop Testing with 0.01 resolution.
  • No-trip, Trip and Fast Trip RCD testing.
  • Supply voltage, polarity and frequency indication.
  • Dimensions: 203x148x78 mm.
  • Weight: 980g approx.